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When it comes to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, we offer a wide range of services. From HVAC design to HVAC installation, we work with our clients to ensure that we find the right solution, at the best price, using experienced and qualified professionals. Whether you are looking for a commercial or residential HVAC installation in London, our tailor-made plans will get your installation up and running in no time.

Our HVAC installation services London are only part of what we offer, with our fully trained engineers on hand to offer HVAC repairs and assistance, as well as ongoing HVAC maintenance to give you both certainly and peace of mind that your air conditioning needs can all be met.

With teams ready to work across London, our HVAC design and HVAC installation services are hard to beat, and our helpful customer service approach is guaranteed to make your cooling needs our top priority.

Things to Look for when Choosing an HVAC Design London
CoolRef - The Best Quality HVAC Installation, HVAC Maintenance & Repair

Licensing and Experience
When you get an HVAC installation in your London home, it’s probably the most expensive equipment in your property, so you want it installed professionally.. Our HVAC installation, repairs and maintenance services in London are done by fully accredited and experienced engineers, providing HVAC repairs and ongoing HVAC maintenance to all London customers.  Peace of mind and quality service, that’s our guarantee, and we’ll always be held to it.

References and Referrals
When it comes to HVAC design and installation in London, online reviews give the customers confidence to choose their HVAC installation company London. At CoolRef, we are proud of our reviews for our HVAC installation services in London,  with our years of industry experience reflected in our high ratings.

For HVAC installation in London, working with a reputable, professional company is critical. At CoolRef, our HVAC maintenance teams working in London always present themselves professionally, use company vehicles and deliver polite service to each and every HVAC repair and installation customer in London. For guranteed professionalism, contact us for all your HVAC repair, HVAC installation, and HVAC maintenance in London, we’re here to keep things cool.

Why do you need HVAC Installation & HVAC
Maintenance in London ?

If you’re looking for an HVAC installation that guarantees energy efficiency and a professional guarantee, we’re here to deliver. From keeping cool in the sultry summer months, to welcoming warmth in winter, our HVAC installation teams in London will keep you comfortable all year round.

Offering maximum efficiency and high quality ventilation, the HVAC design we use in our London projects is built to deliver clean air, easy regulation, and ongoing HVAC maintenance that allows you to keep your property at the right temperature, every day, for all weather.

Year of professional experience allows our HVAC installation teams in London to work with customers, reach the HVAC design that is required.

As well as our guarantee, from start to finish on every HVAC installation project, we are equipped to offer ongoing HVAC maintenance, and HVAC repairs which are both swift and cost-effective. For HVAC installation in London, look no further.



aircon installation london

When it comes to hvac maintenance at your London property, it is always advisable to know the signs that an AC capacitor replacement could be necessary. Things to look for on your hvac system include common symptoms such as some of the following:

  1. Air conditioner is delayed in beginning a cooling cycle, hvac repairs needed.
  2. Air conditioner randomly shuts off, meaning HVAC repairs are needed.
  3. Air conditioner doesn’t turn on at all, again, HVAC maintenance is required.
  4. Air conditioner sounds like it’s running but doesn’t dispense cool air
  5. Air conditioner makes a buzzing or humming noise
  6. You notice a burning smell or smoke coming from your unit, not a good sign.
  7. Your energy bills are inexplicably high, meaning hvac repair is likely needed

With any hvac design, your AC capacitor due to age and normal wear and tear, an overheated system, short circuits or hot temperatures.

HVAC Design, Installation or Maintenance across London ?
Reasons For Installing A New HVAC System

In the world of hvac design in London, energy and buildings management systems offer new innovations, allowing high-end and sophisticated systems at an efficient cost. That said, when it comes to hvac installation in London buildings, getting an upgrade is more than just a financial cost.

Your HVAC System
is Outdated

When HVAC systems in London buildings age, HVAC maintenance is needed more often, and efficient levels tend to suffer, leading to less reliability. Outdated systems also have wiring issues creating potential fire hazards, not safe for those in the premises. With so many HVAC installation systems available to London building owners, offering heating and cooling structures, and retrofit options that are available to update existing systems.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs and achieve a better return on investment

Cost cutting is something businesses are always looking to do, and energy savings, such as those afforded by an efficiency HVAC installation in your London premises, are always great. Audits and energy management can highlight areas where energy efficiency can be improved, and regular HVAC maintenance can be one such issue. Energy efficiency HVAC installation, upgrading existing equipment, HVAC repair, London customers use these to provide both control and efficiency benefits. Property value can also be increased with these approaches, and savings can be earned by extending the life of your systems for environmental reasons, something our HVAC maintenance in London can help with.

Your building requires greater occupant comfort and better air quality

Good, efficient heating and ventilation and air conditioning are critical for a comfortable and productive environment. A reliable HVAC installation and HVAC maintenance in London can help avoid poor air quality as well as related health issues such as respiratory problems. . Reconciling independent hvac systems delivers much better performance from your set up, and energy efficient results.

CoolRef HVAC Design London - Check HVAC System Types

When it comes to HVAC installation in London properties, there are plenty of options. Each HVAC installation depends on building requirements, so selecting the right HVAC installation for our London premises is the first step.

Heating and Air Conditioning Split System

A common style of HVAC installation in London, this system has different components placed inside and outside a property.For this kind of HVAC design London premises, the unit is based outside the property, with a fan/coil inside the property, and also includes ductwork. A split system HVAC installation in London is now more energy efficient, ensuring the air is cleaned properly by using air purifiers and filters.

Hybrid Split System

When it comes to hvac installations in London, hybrids are similar to split systems but with some important differences. This HVAC installation is still energy efficient for London properties, , but because of the electric hybrid heating system, it switches between gas and electric power as needed. This HVAC design offers London property owners more flexibility and control, helping to reduce energy costs through its upgraded technology.This kind of HVAC installation in London premises uses thermostats as well as traditional ductwork, allowing more control when conserving energy and managing bills.

Duct-Free Split System

For this type of HVAC design and HVAC installation at London premises, the system comes with higher installation costs, alongside a variety of benefits. This HVAC design is duct-free, meaning a need for individual units in each room, offering enhanced control. This is an expensive HVAC installation for London customers, and the units themselves are visible in each room, but for larger properties they are ideal and can pay for themselves over time.

One of the main benefits of this kind of HVAC installation at your London property, which is duct-free, is that there will be no energy wasted from unused rooms, keeping occupied rooms at the perfect temperature, one of the strengths that customers going for this kind of HVAC design in London appreciate. For any HVAC installation London, cleaning and ongoing HVAC maintenance is important as repairs and replacing broken parts are often quite expensive.

HVAC Maintenance, London: How Often Should my HVAC System be Serviced?

When it comes to hvac maintenance London systems used in residential environments for cooling only usually require one service visit per annum. In instances where an hvac installation was done to create a system that is used in both heating and cooling modes, an hvac maintenance service would be recommended twice per annum.

When we talk about hvac installation in London commercial properties, such as shops, offices or restaurants, an hvac maintenance services visit should happen twice a year. In critical locations such as IT server rooms, trading floors, workshops or hairdressing salons, where there are often high levels of airborne pollutants in the air, an hvac maintenance and conditioning is advised three or more times per year.

HVAC Design London: Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Heat Recovery Systems

In the world of hvac design in London, this is a system specifically designed to provide superb energy saving opportunities as it comes with an additional heat recovery mechanism. This hvac installation London can be done in a few different types of buildings, and connects indoor units with central outdoor units which go on to heat and cool the place in the building you require. When considering this hvac design for London premises, remember that if  one side of a building requires cooling, the other side of the premises would need to be heated, meaning that the VRF heat recovery system will go on to cool one side of the building and transfer the heat into the area which needs to be heated.