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When it comes to air conditioning installation, service, and repairs, CoolRef LTD have you covered. From large scale commercial air conditioning, to residential air conditioning and more,, we provide results-driven professionals who share our mission to deliver the best results for all our clients.

With so many large office spaces and busy commercial premises around London, air conditioning service is not a luxury, it’s a necessity, something we appreciate as much as you. That’s what makes us a trusted air conditioning installation company around London.

We know that your time is money, and that aircon installation is a critical element for both commercial and residential spaces across London. That’s why we provide not only a cost-effective solution for your air conditioning project, but a service that works with you, for you, and at a speed that allows you to plan with confidence.

As well as our air conditioning service and repairs, we are proud to offer refrigeration services, HVAC, and Child Water systems, making us a one-stop shop for your range of requirements. So whether you need commercial air conditioning, or residential air conditioning, CoolRefLTD are here for you.

Contact us today, and get all your air conditioning maintenance needs sorted.

Air Conditioning London: Options for the Home

Portable Air Conditioning Units

When it comes to air conditioning in London, many people prefer the occasional cooling flexibility offered by a portable air conditioning unit. Using less energy than refrigerant-based units, portable air conditioning in London homes is both energy and cost efficient and uses air blowing through a ‘curtain’ or water, evaporating effect. This kind of air conditioning unit requires dry air supplies, which we can ensure with our air conditioning service in London. With UK humidity levels often high, cross ventilation can be impractical, which is why we offer trusted advice to assess your air conditioning options.

Domestic Air Conditioning Options

For air conditioning installation in London, the many options include systems which incorporate outdoor units with fans. As air conditioning experts in London, we can explain how these fans are connected to indoor units via insulated, refrigerant filled pipes, allowing for different configurations to fit your air conditioning installation needs. Our air conditioning service for London customers includes using ducted units designed to direct air through various ducts, allowing for individual room temperature control around the home. Our air conditioning service London, ensures that ducts are insulated to avoid condensation, and our air conditioning in London offers systems that offer bespoke solutions for your space.

Air-to-Air Systems

As a trusted air conditioning company in London, we use systems designed for heating which is referred to as air-to-air heat pumps, allowing reverse refrigeration cycles whenever cooling is required. Air conditioning installation in some London homes is best served by Air-to-air systems, sometimes installed as secondary heating systems. Air  conditioning service is based on air having the specific heat capacity of one, whereas denser products have higher specific heat capacity and store up to around four times more heat. With this sort of air conditioning installation in London homes, air  heats up and cools down more quickly and efficiently, while deploying the same amount of energy, heating systems that target the air can have a far quicker reaction time.

Get Free Consultancy About Your Air Conditioning needs in London

Need air conditioning installation, air conditioning service or repair? We’re here, we’re ready, so contact us today. Your air conditioning needs are our priority, and our speedy response times won’t leave you sweating over service. Contact us now for a free quote on all your air conditioning service London needs.

Reasons why choose our Air Conditioning Company in London

From large scale air conditioning installations, to tailor-made air conditioning service solutions, choosing CoolRef allows you to plan with confidence, and get full satisfaction guaranteed. Our fast, efficient, and professional service makes us a trusted air conditioning company across London, so leave it to us to keep your company cool.

Air Conditioning Services to Trust

Whether you’re a large commercial company, or a smaller office location, when you partner with CoolRef, you’ve made the right choice, we’ll get things done.

Maintenance Matters

Whether it’s our air conditioning installation job, or your existing one, our air conditioning maintenance and repair service in London will keep your office and staff cool.

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Professional Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our mission is to deliver all your air conditioning service London needs, with nothing but your full satisfaction the end result. You’ll be cool with us.

Reliable Replace and Repair

Whenever your air conditioning needs to be repaired, choosing us guarantees swift service, reliable replacements, and all your air conditioning London needs covered without any delay.

Do you need Air Conditioning London?
Our Aircon Installation Team offer full range of Air Conditioning services!

Air Conditioning

When it comes to air conditioning in London, keeping you cool is what we’re all about. From achieving the optimum office temperature, to ensuring an efficient system right around your property, we are an air conditioning company that has London covered.

Our expertise allows our air conditioning service to deliver precisely what is needed, focused on your bespoked requirements. From residential air conditioning in London’s leafy neighbourhoods, to large scale commercial air conditioning across London’s busy business hubs, we have the aircon installation system that is tailor made for your premises.

With the right residential or commercial air conditioning units, you’ll not only get reliable and consistent performance, you’ll ensure time and money is saved.

Cost-effective, well maintained, and designed to maximise the air conditioning at all times, that’s what we guaranteed as an air conditioning company working in London, taking the heat off our customers, always keeping you cool.


Air Conditioning Installation

For both commercial and residential air conditioning installation in London, getting the best system for your premises or home is where it starts.

With our extensive experience and trusted reputation, we are an air conditioning company in London who will work with you to get things right. From saving money with an optimal system set up, to creating a reliable cooling system for your space, our air conditioning installation is designed to deliver results that take the worry away from keeping cool, letting you get on with more important things. As well as offering tailor made solutions for air conditioning in your London office or home, we can recommend the best brands, systems, and units, bringing the best to the table, and passing the benefits on to our customers.

From the moment we start your air conditioning installation, we’ll keep you informed, giving peace of mind and quality service guarantees.


Air Conditioning Repair

Keeping up to date with the air conditioning repair in your property or premises is the key to your system’s success.

Even high end air conditioning systems London need repair from time to time, and we are here to ensure a timely and cost efficient service, making us an air conditioning company you can rely on.

Whether it’s emergency air conditioning repair in your London home, or a large scale air conditioning service across your London office locations, we are equipped with the expertise to deliver the results that you need.

From keeping costs to a minimum, and ensuring that your air conditioning repair is done to keep your system running at optimal levels, we’ll work with you to keep you cool when things go wrong.

We will complete air conditioning repair, and any ongoing air conditioning service in London that you need, with minimum fuss and maximum results.


Air Conditioning Maintenance

It may seem obvious, but keeping up regular air conditioning maintenance in London is important for both commercial and residential properties. As well as the peace of mind it can give owners and landlords, our air conditioning maintenance across London is also about saving time, money, and potential replacement costs.

As an air conditioning company with experience across London, from large scale commercial to residential properties, we know how best to optimize your system performance, and air conditioning maintenance is a critical part of getting the best results.

With regular air conditioning maintenance, you are guaranteed not only to keep your air conditioning working, you are also ensuring that it is economical and reliable, saving both time and potentially money. Put simply, air conditioning in London is big business, and the key to keeping cool is air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning maintenance, wherever you are in London, we’re there.


Check what services our Air Conditioning London Company offers for you!

When it comes to air conditioning London, CoolRef will keep you cool, and make sure you have nothing to sweat about. Whether it’s  a large commercial space, or a stylish office premises, we can research what you need, and deliver all your air conditioning services and air conditioning repairs across London.


Air Conditioning London

Air conditioning installations London are never one size fits all, you need expert advice for any project. That’s where we come in. At CoolRef, we have expert engineers, ready and equipped to answer all your air conditioning service needs, offering full air conditioning repair services across London. Regardless of the space, we have the aid conditioning solution for you. As an experienced air conditioning company, we’re here to keep London cool.

Refrigeration London

Refrigeration solutions come in all shapes and sizes, which is why CoolRef is in the business of expert refrigeration repair and refrigeration maintenance services in London to suit you. From chillers to freezers, cold rooms to blast chillers, our dedicated teams offer advice and assistance, ensuring that your commercial refrigeration repair and service needs are met. Whatever air conditioning services you need in London, we’re here to help, with experts to keep things cool.


Offering swift, quality HVAC design and HVAC installation and maintenance services in London , CoolRef are always here to discuss and deliver your HVAC needs. From the moment you need to create a new HVAC design to match the requirements of your premises, to the installation and ongoing HVAC maintenance required to keep things running smoothly, our team will be there to get it done. For all your HVAC installation needs, we’re here.

Chilled water systems London

Sometimes, chilled water is just what you need. When it comes to chilled water systems breakdown cover, or chilled water installation services in London, we’re here to make sure you always have cold water on hand. Our chilled water systems services are swift, cost effective, and reliable. So for peace of mind, and to leave your chilled water systems cover in the hands of the experts, CoolRef has the expertise you need.

Air Conditioning London – What you need to know about Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Keeping London Cool

Whatever your business, however large or small your premises or workforce, we have the air conditioning installation solution that can meet your needs.

Don’t sweat, remember that we are the air conditioning company that you can trust, with tailor-made air conditioning services that match all your needs.

Air Conditioning Services

Whether you are looking for a large commercial air conditioning service, or a more small scale residential air conditioner repair London, we can provide what you need. Our experienced teams or qualified engineers prioritise client needs, and ensure that all our air conditioning services are done quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Our minimum requirement is our clients maximum satisfaction.

From air conditioning service to air conditioning repair and maintenance in London, we’re here to help.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

We know that time is money, and keeping your commercial office space cool is important to us, just as it is to you. From large scale ceiling units, to many other versatile options, when it comes to a bespoke air conditioning installation London, we can meet the needs of office spaces both large and small.

With expertise that allows us to offer advice on the best solutions, our air conditioning installation and air conditioning maintenance service London is guaranteed to deliver.

Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance

From the moment we sign on the dotted line, our commitment to delivering is what makes us a popular air conditioning company across London. Not content with superb air conditioning installations, we also offer a full range of air conditioning maintenance options, with expert advice and professional assistance at all times.

Whatever your air conditioning installation and air conditioning requirements, we’ll get you up and running, then keep you up and running.

Air Conditioning London FAQs Things you need to know about air conditioning.

What is an air conditioning system used for?

When it comes to using air conditioning in your London property, each system is designed to provide and distribute cooled (and in some cases, heated) air throughout. Modern air conditioning equipment uses filters to remove particulates from the air and the cooling process also helps to dehumidify it. With a quality air conditioning installation at your London premises, a system can improve air quality, providing a comfortable environment.

Do air conditioning units provide cooling and heating?

With many of our air conditioning installations in London, the modern units we use that include heat pumps provide heating in addition to cooling. This is often very economical to run when compared to other forms of heating systems.

How often should I have my Air Conditioner maintained?

As an experienced air conditioning company in London, we advise that domestic units that are not in constant use and are used for cooling only generally require one service per year. For air conditioning service in London offices we recommended at least twice per year to keep them running efficiently. For server rooms, we recommend air conditioning service for our London customers three times per year.

Why should I service my air conditioner?

Regular air conditioning service in London properties will keep your system running at maximum efficiency, extending system lifetimes and reducing operating costs. In addition, routine air conditioning maintenance will ensure that the unit qualifies for the full warranty of up to ten years rather than just the standard manufacturer’s one year warranty.

Our Latest Projects

Check our Air Conditioning Jobs in London & Nearby Suburbs

Air Conditioner Repair & Air Conditioning Maintenance
Take care of your Air Conditioning London with CoolRef

Make no mistake about it, professional air conditioning in London is a critical business.

At CoolRef, we know exactly how important it is to get the best quality air conditioning installation, and there’s plenty of reasons for that. From keeping employees cool, to making your home comfortable, our air conditioning service delivers results all over London.

As an air conditioning company working across London, we always recommend regular, annual air conditioning repair. From the peace of mind that this gives, to the savings it will help you make from needing fewer air conditioning repair call outs, it’s the best way to ensure your air conditioning maintenance is where it should be.

From large scale commercial air conditioning in London’s bustling business districts, to more bespoke residential air conditioning in London’s historic neighbourhoods, our experience is vast and our reputation as a trusted air conditioning company continues to grow.

Whether it’s a filter issue, or simply the fact that your aircon installation seems to be sub-par, our air conditioning service offers the right solution, at the right price. In a city that thrives on keeping cool and carrying on, we’re the air conditioning company that will help you do just that.



We offer a wide range of air conditioning service, air conditioning installation and repair across London

Call outs & Repairs Across London

CoolRef is pleased to offer air conditioning service and air conditioning repairs across London. We service both commercial and residential customers, and we are an air conditioning company in London working on everything from burnt our refrigeration fans to air conditioning circuit board issues and general air conditioning services.

Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

CoolRef offers both ongoing as well as one off air conditioning service and maintenance options for London customers. Our swift response times and same day bookings deliver swift and reliable air conditioning service to customers in both commercial and residential settings. Whether it’s an urgent air conditioning repair or scheduled air conditioning maintenance, our London team will be with you in no time.

Air Conditioning Installation

Our wide range of air conditioning installation services in London offers customers both flexibility and reliability. Including ceiling cassette air conditioning installation in London offices, as well as wall mounted air conditioning unit installation in many London properties, we are on hand to install the most efficient and advisable system for your property. For a free air conditioning installation consultation in London, contact CoolRef today.



Free Quotation

When you are looking for a free quotation for your air conditioning project in London, it’s time to contact CoolRef. From air conditioning repair to air conditioning service and installation, London customers can contact us today to get our quote and get things done.

Advantages and Disadvantages of having Air Conditioning in London

Advantages of Air Conditioning London

  • Whether it’s air conditioning in London offices, or residential air conditioning in London homes, when the heat is on, is this the best way to keep cool, and what are the advantages of air conditioning in London premises?

  • Comfort Factor With Air Conditioning London

    Well, firstly, there’s the comfort factor. As an air conditioning company in London, that’s one of the advantages we hear about a lot, it keeps people comfortable. With our commercial air conditioning in London, we are also told that this comfort helps keep job performance high, which is understandable.

  • Dehydration, Allergens And Pollen With Air Conditioning London

    Beyond this, air conditioning and air conditioning maintenance in London offers other advantages: it lowers the dehydration risk, and also reduces allergens/pollen, making air conditioning in London offices advantageous.

  • Air Quality With Air Conditioning Installation

    Add to this the overall air quality that an air conditioning installation can help generate, and you’ll see the overall advantages of air conditioning in London buildings of many types.

Disadvantages of Air Conditioning London

  • Sounds Of The System In Air Conditioning London

    Though there are advantages to air conditioning in London, let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages. For commercial air conditioning in London offices, it can create some noise pollution caused by the ambient sounds of the system.

  • Valid Issues Connected To Air Conditioning London

    As an experienced company in air conditioning installation, air conditioning repair, and general air conditioning maintenance company in London, we hear that, as well as issues with dry skin and drier eyes, all valid issues.

  • Cool Indoor Environment With Air Conditioning Installation London

    Another concern for some with air conditioning in London premises is the idea that a cool indoor environment can affect the ability to tolerate heat when you go outside, or even that commercial air conditioning in London can contribute to contact lens issues, including dryness.

  • Overall, there are some disadvantages to an aircon installation in London, commercial or residential, but the cooling air and comfortable ambience are overwhelming reasons why people hire us, a trusted air conditioning company London.

Our Air Conditioning London Solutions

When it comes to air conditioning in London properties, we are the company who are guaranteed to find the solution for premises unable to accommodate exterior units.

Doing an air conditioning installation in London properties without external units involves internal condensers alongside air or water cooling technology. This air conditioning installation provides extremely optimized climate control for your property. Utilizing the most innovative refrigerant and pipework, and contained within your property, we are an air conditioning company in London that is experts at installing these systems, which are especially good for flats, apartments, and listed buildings.

For those looking for an air conditioning installation in London properties that can accommodate making holes in outside facing walls, our air conditioning installation would be through the wall unit, which is a cost effective option. As well as the cooling benefits, through the wall air conditioning installations act as a dehumidifier, cooling in summer, heating in winter.

Whisper-quiet Air Conditioning Installation London – Solutions

Air Conditioning Installation in London used to be part of luxury home design for summer use, but with more homes built, air conditioning in London is now commonplace. As heavily insulated but poorly ventilated homes are built, air conditioning installations in London properties are in higher demand around the city.

With many new-build homes having high spring/summer temperatures thanks to heavy building insulation, air conditioning service in London is more needed. Sometimes, planning permission does not allow outdoor condenser air conditioning installation in London properties, which can cause delays, which is where our air conditioning company expertise helps London customers.

CoolRef offers help assisting with processes and planning, helping to get landlords and tenants council approval within weeks, making for smooth air conditioning service for London clients.


CoolRef Air Conditioning Service London – Small Air Conditioning Installation space?

When it comes to air conditioning installation in London, space matters, but is not a problem for an experienced air conditioning company like us. Our products include small single fan outdoor air conditioning systems for London customers where space is at a premium. Capable of cooling and heating your entire home, our air conditioning installation London will be efficient and reliable, with the appropriate methods of installation and design.

For a small space air conditioning installation in London, contact us today.

We are here for you, your dedicated air conditioning repair service in London

When it comes to air conditioning service in London, Coolref is the company to call and the team to trust. All our air conditioning repair in London is done when it’s convenient for our customers, with each job done by our highly qualified team or air conditioning engineers across London.

Our air conditioning services in London include essential maintenance, air conditioning repair, and air conditioning installation for London customers in residential as well as commercial premises. CoolRef’s professionals are equipped and able to diagnose specific faults, before providing the best solutions and trusted air conditioning repair for all London customers.

With our wide range of stock and parts, air conditioning repairs London placed can be done quickly and efficiently. From leaking water, cooling failures, power shortages, unit noise, bad odours, poor heating, gas leaks and more, our air conditioning repair in London will get it sorted, fast, and always by fully certified engineers.

Air conditioning emergency assistance in London shouldn’t be stressful, which is why we are on hand to provide professional, time and cost effective commercial air conditioning repairs in London. Our air conditioning engineers in London will get your system sorted, so contact us today, the air conditioning company to trust across London.


What conditions must fulfill my London home to be able to install air conditioning?

When it comes to getting air conditioning at your London home, it’s important to research and understand what the rules and regulations are. For air conditioning installation in London, each house is unique and space, size, and rooms can determine what air conditioner is the best for your home and those who live there.

As a trusted air conditioning company London placed, we always work closely with each customer, arranging an initial home visit to help us assess and determine the most efficient and cost-effective air conditioning installation for that home, as well as ensuring that the property meets the relevant conditions for the work.

Our CoolRef experts will discuss all the air conditioning options for your London home, always guided by the safest, most cost, and energy efficient options that they can find after assessing your property.

Customer Reviews

When our air conditioning failed, our London office needed CoolRef to come to the rescue. Soon after contacting them, their engineers arrived  to offer air conditioning service in London with a smile. We’ll definitely use them for any future air conditioning repairs.

Rebecca Rogers
Rebecca Rogers

CoolRef really did step up when our air conditioning in London failed and we needed a new and upgraded air conditioning installation service. Their customer service matched their professional attitude, so they’re definitely our go-to air conditioning company from now on. Thanks.

Kai Wilson
Kai Wilson

I had no idea where to look for air conditioning service and repair for my London premises, but I got lucky when I found CoolRef. Excellent customer service, knowledgeable staff, certainly an air conditioning company in London I am happy to recommend.

Reece Sinclair
Reece Sinclair